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MS Donna

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The maiden voyage of "M/S Donna" started deep in the Varanger fjord in early 2010, in Nesseby / Unjárga, Finnmark. After short calls at Vardø and Mehamn, we ended up at North Cape where we decided to live and become true fishermen with a lot of help from the local and very experienced fishermen. We fished for cod, pollock, haddock and king crab on "M/S Donna" and later also on "M/S Dunderdonna" in the Porsanger fjord. During this time we also worked at different fish-factories. The fishery ended in 2014.

​​Rethink - Reuse - Reduce. 

​Knowing half of the king crab where considered waste, I knew there was a great potential and a better way of doing things - More sustainable and more circular.

​In 2016 I decided to bring MS Donna back to life with all the good things, except fishing - this time out from Oslo. Since then we have worked for responsible consumption and production, decent work and economic growth, innovation, climate action, and partnership.​